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Hi mmmys my tummy is sore I see something like a heartbeat under my na...

3 года назад PRETTY Йоханнесбург

Hi mmmys my tummy is sore I see something like a heartbeat under my navel .my navel also is sore and my breast are sore went to clinic tested negative and my tummy it's growing bigger and I see my periods every month and normal on May 21 to 24 i had yellow discharge and on the 26 to 28 saw some little blood usually on the tissue wen I poo 4days later I felt going to pee but wen I go there it comes small but since yesterday am going ohkay Idk whats wrong I have abdominal pains and back pains and my left side is paining sometimes feel gruu gruu with sounds sometimes no sound Help me plz

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Same with me and I feel the movement though I was confirmed pregnant where I went for body massage but test keep telling me negative
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Everyday I experience different things
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