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Pls mums am 39 wks and 3 days pregnant and no sign of labour, Edd is 1...

2 года назад Hope 42 Варри

Pls mums am 39 wks and 3 days pregnant and no sign of labour, Edd is 15, 17 what do i do

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Take walks do some exercises but don't hurt yourself in the process mommy...
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7г7м 2г2м 42
Most times babies don't come on edd. As long as you both are fine all good. Just go n On walks.
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3г11м 42
Everything will happen naturally, just try to enjoy some long slow walks
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There's still time. Calm down, don't stress yourself being worried. Exercise and call on God who has the final say. Congratulations in advance
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2г2м 2г2м 42
Do 10 squats two hourly .. and walk around as often as you can.. don't put yourself through any physical stress.. take warm water. Safe delivery
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U may end up being induced,make sure u visit the hospital regularly pls. Do not take any chances if labour don't come Naturally.
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4г8м 42
I will advise you to go hospital oo
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I walked stairs. Up and down. To bring it on. Went into labor the next day
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